In the inorganic chemistry, sulfate is said to be a group of ionic compounds of sulfur, the root of which is called the Sulfuric Acid Salt.

chemical properties

 Sulfates are bivalent capacitance anions and are based on SO42- and the atomic mass of this structure is 96/96, which means that each structure consists of four oxygen atoms and one sulfur atom, and in total this base consists of two electrons.

Sulfates are salts or esters of sulfuric acid, which consists of replacing one or two hydrogen atoms with metals such as sodium or radicals such as ammonium or ether. Sulfates whose two hydrogen atoms are replaced are called normal sulfates, and the batches replaced by a hydrogen atom are called hydrogen sulfate, sulfuric acid or bisulfate. Most metal sulfates are soluble in water, but low solubility in mercury and calcium sulfates, and barium, lead, and insoluble strontium.

In chemistry, ion sulfate is decomposed by adding a barium chloride solution and forming a white precipitate of barium sulfate, which is insoluble in hydrochloric acid. Sulfates are widely found naturally. Barium sulfate is found in the form of barite, calcium sulfate is found in the form of gypsum alabaster, selenite, and magnesium sulfate as Epsom salts. Of other types of celestite sulfates. Other sulfate compounds include alum types such as green alum. Sulfates play a decisive role in the chemical and biological industries.

Sulfuric acid is used in the manufacture of batteries and in the preparation of nitric acid, copper sulfate is one of the most important mosquitoes. Deep sea organisms use sulfate as an alternative source of sunlight.
What is copper sulfate? (Other names: bubble gum or blue gem) (cuso4)

Copper sulfate or Cut blue with a basic chemical formula (CuSO4) is blue and odorless. Among the uses of this substance are micronutrients and pesticides in agricultural, industrial (sewage treatment, electroplating, paint industry ...), chemistry (as catalyst, etc.), and medicine.

Copper sulfate is 5 Abe and with a chemical formula (CuSO4.5H2O), its appearance is blue and crystalline clear and the powder is blue. Copper sulfate 5 Abe in the dry air gradually lost its energy and Broke up. The temperature of 45 and 110 degrees, respectively, loses two molecules and water of four crystalline water molecules, and eventually the last molecule of crystalline water is lost at 250 ° C, and temperatures of 400 ° C decompose it. Copper sulfate 5 has a specific gravity of 2.87. One kilogram of copper sulfate 5 abe is dissolved in 3 liters of water (ambient temperature) and 0.5 liters of boiling water. Sulfuric acid reduces its solubility in water.

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