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Pericellum is a white matter in the form of flakes or pepper, which is the raw material required by the manufacturing industries both inside and outside the country.

Peroxide or Sodium Caustic Soda (NaOH) is produced from petrochemical liquidity, so that the liquid yield of 50% during the production process after the evaporation of water in the membrane method is converted to a purity of 99-98%, which, according to It is in accordance with international standards. The resulting flux is converted into a white flake or a solid percolator after transferring to a cooling device.

Sodium hydroxide or caustic soda (Caustic Soda) or caustic soda with NaOH chemical formula

Sodium hydroxide (Sodium hydroxide) or Caustic Soda, or caustic soda with a NaOH chemical formula, a solid and white solid with a melting point of 1390 ° C and a density of 13.22.

This material can easily absorb moisture and should therefore be protected under cover when transporting. This combination, in contact with the skin, has a corrosive effect and, in order to prevent its effects, should be taken into account when used.

Smoothing effects in contact with the human body

Inhalation of vapors in this formulation can cause damage to the respiratory system in various degrees. Therefore, the maximum allowable concentration for airborne sorbent in an operating area is 2 mg / m 3.

It is recommended to use the emergency medical guide for the adjacency of this combination with skin and eyes or when swallowed. .

Types of packaging containers

Properly packed jellyfish containers

- Metallic containers with thin walls (caustic soda)

- Metal barrels or PVC (caustic soda)

- square or rectangular metal barrels and containers (liquid caustic soda)

- Glass bottles (liquid caustic soda)

Interest Profits:

- Oil and Gas and Petrochemical Industries

- Food industry, milk industries, canning, beverage industry, sugar and sugar factories, oil extraction

- Leather and textile industries

- Rosie Coloring Industries

- Pharmaceutical, alcoholic and cosmetic industries

- Metal industries and the production of glass, aluminum, galvanizing and electroplating

- acid neutralization and batteries

- Production of cardboard and paper

- Production of lubricants and other related industries

• Physical properties of interest

- White color

- Mode: solid (flush)

- Packing: 25 kg polyethylene and polypropylene double-layer bags

Purchase and sale of materials for petrochemicals

Selling petrochemicals in bulk. Delivery of parasitic cheeses

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