?What is nitric acid

Chemical formula of nitric acid: HNO3

Chemical formula of nitric acid: HNO3
Purity: 65%
Other names: Nitric Acid, Hydrogen Nitrate, Dandruff Ink
Chemical composition of inorganic acid, nitrate
Molecular Weight: 63.02
Physical state: Clear liquid
Color and odor: pale yellow, odorous, stinging and choking
Solubility in water: soluble
Solubility in organic solvents: Reacts with many organic solvents such as ethanol and acetone
Specific gravity relative to water: 1.14
Acid nitric boiling point: 86ºC

What is nitric acid?
The pure nitric acid is a colorless liquid that melts at -42 ° C and boils at 83 ° C. If the boiling is carried out in the light and the room environment is melted at -41-6 ° C, the production of the liquid is redundant.
Nitric Acid Preparation Nowadays, in industrial production of nitric acid, ammonia is used as the raw material, and it is necessary to convert the raw material into air to nitrogen oxide.

Application of nitric acid:
In the production of agricultural ammonium nitrate and synthetic paints, military industry, nitrate salts, metallurgy pigments and the printing industry are used.

Nitric Acid Dangers:
Concentrated nitric acid is a potent oxidizing agent, it generates heat in combination with fuels and alcohols, can react with reducing agents or combustible organic matter and burn or explode. Nitric acid is a very dangerous substance when used. Be totally cautious.

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