Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide or anhydrous (H2O2) is a common oxidizing agent used as bleaching agent. Hydrogen peroxide is the simplest of peroxides (peroxides are compounds that have a single oxygen-oxygen bond). Pure H2O2 is a dysfunctional liquid that is a bit blue and can be prepared with great effort. Oxygenated water sold in dilute oxygenated pharmacies is a solution of bitter acidic water from oxygenated water in water, which contains 100 parts oxygen-containing water, such as unpowered water and water. This oxidizing liquid is strong.
The decomposition of this material leads to the formation of OH radicals that are not available in a few seconds, and during this time, oxidizes its organic and inorganic material with its highly oxidising properties.
Oxygenated water properties
As the water scans, oxygenation decomposes into water and oxygen. This degradation is performed faster in the playing field and in an acidic environment slower than the neutral environment. If they store oxygen for a long time, they can completely decompose and become water. Some of the objects in the body are accelerated by the action of oxygenation, such as manganese dioxide and metal rounds.
If the water solution contains some stabilizers such as phosphoric acid, urea, benzoic acid and the like, degradation is very slow. Oxygenated water has a microbiotic effect, as if putting a piece of red sausage in a container of oxygenated water content after a few days, the contents of the container are completely bloated and does not smell the odor. Oxygenated water destroys colors as well, because the slice of the sausage inside the container becomes darker after a while.
Oxygenated water use
The stain of red wine, blood, coffee, etc. can also be cleansed by oxygen. H2O2 is also used as an oxidant for rocket fuel. Some toothpastes and other substances that are used to clean teeth are oxygenated at the time of use and the oxygenation of this oxygenated oxygenates the whitening of the tooth.
Oxygenated water is used to reduce the horns, fleece, cotton, linen, hemp, straw, wood, paper, oil, grease, wax, soap, silk, ivory, fillings and so on. The color of some facial spots destroys oxygenated water. If the black hair is removed after washing with sodium carbonate (to remove its fat) in a water-soluble solution, it turns into bright color. If the black hair is mixed with 100 g of oxygenated water and 30% of aqueous solution, and four drops of 25% ammonia solution After 10 to 20 minutes, wash with pure water and then with acetic acid solution, the boron becomes red. The presence of ammonia in this way requires that oxygenated water in the presence of alkali gives oxygen more quickly, and thus the hair becomes more intense than boron. Repeated consumption of oxygenated water for the hair is harmful because it brittle the hair. During the Second World War, oxygenated water used for fast oxidation of alcohol in submarines and rockets was 85%.

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