Hydrochloric acid

 What is Chlorideic Acid (Salt Ink)?

Hydrochloric acid (salt essence) is a clear, colorless, and very spicy solution of hydrogen chloride in water. A very corrosive and acidic mineral acid with many industrial uses. This acid is very widely used because it contains only basic chemicals (base). Colorless chloric acid is a colorless, sparkling, acidic flavor and heavier than air. It easily becomes a liquid, and in a wet or soluble state, it turns blue to red.

Salt Ink Properties:

Ric chloride acid gas is colorless and has a bitter odor, with acid greed and heavier than air. It is readily converted to a liquid, creating a niche liquid, and in a wet or dissolved state, it turns blue into red. It is combined with metals and metal oxides and their hydroxides.
Application of chloride:

Steel cleaning, manufacturing of organic compounds, production of inorganic compounds, pH control and neutralization, ion exchange resurfacing, leather polishing, home cleaners and building industry. Preparation of ethylene dichloride by oxychlorination of the petroleum industry Drilling of steel and chemical industries

In acidic applications, including the acidification of oil wells, the removal of boiler sediment, the reduction of ores, the cleaning of metals is used.

Water-soluble (about 10% by weight) in the preparation of salt inks (cleansing and removing ceramic mass, etc.).

Chemical miscibility of chloride acid: This gas is highly reactive. It reacts with calcium carbide, carbide acetylene cesium, cesium carbide, lithium silicide, magnesium bromide, mercury sulfate, acetylene rubidium carbide, carbide rubidium and sodium.

The production of hazardous substances by the decomposition of salt: during the fire, it reacts with some metals and decomposes and produces hydrogen gas.
Packaging of chloride acid:

Chlorideic acid is supplied in bulk in polyethylene tanks and in smaller volumes in special containers.

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