What is cystic acid?

Citric acid is a weak organic acid found in citrus. This acid is already produced in powder form. It is commonly used as a natural preservative. When mixed with food, it gives it a sour taste (acid) and occasionally becomes bitter in high concentrations. Citrus fruits such as lemon and lemon juice have a high concentration of acid concentration. Cystic acid is also important in biochemistry, because it plays a vital role in the metabolism process.

Food additive
Citric acid can be used as an additive in food. Although it has a bitter taste, it adds a sour taste or acidity when mixed with food. It is used as a flavoring ingredient in the production of vitamin C and in the production of carbonated beverages. It is also used in sour candies - the white powder coating of candies is acidic. In preparation of meat, cisternic acid can be used as a softener, because it can break down the meat proteins. It is also used as a natural cleanser.

Combine with metals
The acidic cement is easily bonded with metals and minerals, which is why it is useful for sweetening the water. Soap and detergent work with great effect when they contain acidic acids. This substance makes the shampoos work well, because they separate the extra mineral water. Sometimes, a very high concentration of cystetractic acid can damage the hair, because it breaks the hair cover and separates the minerals it needs, resulting in hair bloom. As a cleansing agent, cisternic acid is used to remove water spots in the bathroom and kitchen, without the need for rubbing. It is used to dissolve steel bells. It is also used to display the photo. There are also acidic lotions and skin masks, but excessive use may damage the skin, especially sensitive skin.





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