Purchase and sale of chemicals

Pars Chem Rashin Company, based on the experience and brilliant experience in supplying various types of chemicals and petrochemicals to reputable public and private companies, is able to supply the following materials in bulk, crumb, at reasonable prices and high quality.

Products of the company include:

Monoethylene glycol, MEG
Diethylene Glycol, DEG
Triethanol Amine, TEA
Mono Ethanol Amine, MEA
DE Ethanol Amine, DEA
Normal Butanol
Iso butanol
Liquid benefit
Xylene mixed
Ortho Xylan
acetic acid
nitric acid
Soluble ammonia
Monomer styrene, MS
Vinyl acetate monomer, VAM
Methyl acetate, Ethyl acetate, Monopropylene glycol, mpg, Methyl ethyl ketone,

Purchase and sale of materials for petrochemicals

Selling petrochemicals in bulk. Delivery of parasitic cheeses

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With over 25 years of experience, Parghas Chem Rashin has been moving from the outset with the aim of reaching competitive markets and captured Iran's large companies and factories.

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