The difference between heavy and light sodium carbonate is only in the density of a large volume of them, the size of the particles and their application. The heavy sodium carbonate is thicker than that of light carbonate and is no different from the chemical composition.

Heavy sodium carbonate has a mass density of about 1000 kilograms per cubic meter and particles of 300 to 500 microns. Heavy sodium carbonate is often used for glass factories, because coarse granular particles such as this type cause a lack of dust and reduce the possibility of particles spraying during transportation.

The density of sodium carbonate is about 500 kg / m 3 and the size of sodium carbonate is about 100 microns. This grade of sodium carbonate is used to produce chemicals and detergents.
Application of sodium carbonate:

Soda in processes that require alkali, such as paper making (5%), soap and curing agents (5%), silicate glue (20%), alumina refining and other non-ferrous metals, smelting, smelting, metallurgy, Reduce water hardness and water purification. The amount of sodium carbonate in domestic and industrial cleaners is 10% to 40%. Other applications such as the preparation of NaOH, the zeolite, the chemical precursor (10%) can be mentioned for sodium carbonate.

Sodium carbonate sale:

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Sodium carbonate price:

The price of carbonate Sodium Pergus chemistry Rushin is continuous and always the lowest price and you can compare the price of sodium carbonate while inquiring about the price of other natural persons and other rights.

The most commonly used substance, used as bleach, is Jaco juice. Javel water, also known as whitening liquid and white in Persian, is a solution used to disinfect and smell. Javel water is used in the production of bleaching liquids, as well as in sanitary, paper and paper industries and textiles. Javel water is a mineral and has a gamble.

Physical Properties of Javel Water

Whitening agents and juice water are the same solution of 5% sodium hypochlorite. Javel water is an unstable solution, which gradually loses its properties due to heat and light, the color of the juice is close to yellow, and its taste and smell are sharp.
Chemical properties of Javel water

Javel water (also known as whitening liquid and white) is a solution containing a percentage of sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) in water. This ratio varies depending on different uses. Javel water is a toxic substance. The disinfectant properties of jaw water are due to the production of free chlorine. If juice juice is mistaken, you should immediately drink milk.


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