The pure nitric acid is a colorless liquid that melts at -42 ° C and boils at 83 ° C. If the boiling takes place in the light and the room environment is melting at -41-6 ° C, it produces a colorless liquid.

Nitric Acid Preparation Nowadays, in industrial production of nitric acid, ammonia is used as the raw material, and it is necessary to convert the raw material into air to nitrogen oxide.

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Among the uses of nitric acid are the following.

This acid in aerospace engineering is widely used as an oxidizing agent in liquid rocket fuel.

In the explosive industry, it is used to produce explosives such as TNT, cotton gun, nitro glycerin, etc.

In fertilization, fertilizers such as calcium nitrate, ammonium nitrate, etc. are used.

In the production of nitrate salts such as ammonium nitrate, silver nitrate, calcium nitrate, and so on.

One of the uses of nitric acid is the production of ammonium nitrate agriculture and synthetic paints, military industries, nitrate salts, metallurgy pigments and the printing industry.

Nitric acid is used to purify various valuable metals such as gold, silver and platinum, and so on.

In metallurgy, its blend with alcohol is used to design pencil on metals such as rice, copper, bronze and ....

This acid is used in the production of chitosan, which solves the noble elements, also in the production of various colors and drugs taken from coal tar.

At very low concentrations, this material is used for the artificial pile of pine and maple.

Aqueous nitric acid is used to clean food and dairy equipment, which is due to its ability to eliminate calcium and magnesium deposited compounds.

It is widely used in the cholorometric test to detect the difference between heroin and morphine, as well as in chemistry as a laboratory reagent.

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In the steel industry, nitric acid is used to remove and remove oxides that are formed at the surface of all types of steels and to prepare the surface for anti-corrosion operations. This acid is used to prepare low-carbon stainless steel surfaces such as 200 series (chromium, nickel, manganese), 300 series (nickel, chromium) and 400 series (chromium).

In addition to steel and all kinds of stainless steel alloys, it is also used in other metals such as aluminum, sub-cinnamon, etc.

In the production of semiconductor constants from nitric acid to prepare the surface of the conduit before the circuit board is used on the electronic board.

nitric acid

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