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Javel water, known in Persian as bleach and whitewash, is a solution used for disinfection, whitening and deodorization.

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The most commonly used method for producing jelly water is the passage of chlorine gas from an alkaline solution of sodium hydroxide, which results in the simultaneous oxidation of chlorine (to form -OCl) and reduction (to form -Cl).

The reaction formula is as follows:

Cl2 + 2NaOH ----> NaCl + NaOCl + H2O

All of the reservoirs and tubes used to produce jaw water should be made of PVC, because chlorine gas is in contact with moisture with any metal, causing it to corrode.

Inside the reservoir they shed their profits and enter the chlorine gas bottom. Chlorine gas has a massive mixing benefit, which is why chlorine gas is absorbed through the reservoir from the bottom of the reservoir. The lower the chlorine gas output from the tank surface, the better the reaction is.

In the production of juice water in the above method, it is important to have precision in control when it is produced, because if the chlorine injection does not stop before the end of the action, the reaction is reversed and the temperature rises quickly and the product disappears.

If the pH reaches about 12.2 to 12, the reaction is over. The better the reaction is, the cooler the environment should be, so be careful not to exceed the temperature of 42 degrees Celsius. In a normal production, chlorine gas starts at about 20 degrees and ends at 42 degrees.

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