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Pars Chemistry Rashin Co., with the management of Mr. Majid Karimi, started his activities from Iran's profits 25 years ago. Using the experience of land transportation and transit, they have been able to communicate with other companies and organizations and trade with them. Using their experiences and resources, they were able to establish Rashin's Parga Chemistry Company. The company, which had been moving from the outset with the aim of reaching competitive markets, managed to capture Iran's large companies and factories.

Company Statute

The subject of the activity is the provision of all services in the field of purchase, sale, production and production of all chemicals and enzymes and products and related products, production and sale of various organic and nano-biological fertilizers, equipment, related devices, export and import of all commodities Commercial license, concluding contracts with domestic and foreign legal and legal persons, establishing and participating in domestic and foreign exhibitions and seminars related to the subject of the company, obtaining and granting representation and establishing branches to domestic and foreign legal entities, obtaining loans and facilities Rials and foreign currencies from domestic and foreign financial and credit institutions and banks and name warranties Banking and domestic and international clearance after obtaining the necessary permits according to necessity.


During the course of the activity, and given the valuable experience, considering the provision of the raw materials of the large companies, this gold futuristic complex is being developed in which the expansion of the domestic and foreign sales market, the increase of branches, the import and monopoly of the goods, the opening of the representative offices and branches Outside of Iran, the opening of a chemical plant, etc., and we will have more stubborn strokes in order to achieve these goals.

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With over 25 years of experience, Parghas Chem Rashin has been moving from the outset with the aim of reaching competitive markets and captured Iran's large companies and factories.

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